Market developments

The Dutch electric mobility market is growing fast. Dutch businesses, social institutions, knowledge institutes and government agencies have joined forces at the national and international level to accelerate the adoption of electric transport, intending to capitalise on the economic opportunities associated with it. 

For one thing, the number of electric cars in the Netherlands has again increased significantly over the past year. The near 10,000 thousands new electric passenger vehicles were a welcome addition.

Over 130,000 electric passenger vehicles
In October 2015, the Netherlands welcomed its 100,000th electric vehicle with 2 or more wheels. This figure does not include electric bicycles, but does include electric mopeds and scooters. Another important milestone was achieved in November 2016, when the 100,000th electric passenger vehicle was registered. The Netherlands is only the second European nation to achieve this important milestone; Norway was the first in late September 2016. Worldwide, only the US, Japan and China are doing better. As of May 30, 2018, the tally for the Netherlands stood at 129,798 electric vehicles with 2 or more wheels.

Opportunities through innovation
It is evident from the growing interest in electric transport that this innovation offers economic opportunities for the Dutch business sector. Dutch companies are involved in various related activities, including the provision of a charging infrastructure and charging services, the manufacture of components and the production of light electric vehicles such as electric scooters.