In 2016 the National Knowledge Platform for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (NKL) has developed a digital database to aid municipalities in their search for accurate and independent information. The information on charging infrastructure is offered in the form of a “wiki”. The articles are sorted according to the policy processes municipalities go through: from the initial spur to action to well-evidenced proposals, strategy and implementation. Municipalities will use the wiki to set their policy on electric transport.

Research conducted - during the year 2016 - by Decisio and APPM Management Consultants for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) has revealed that the number of charging points has a positive impact on the number of electric cars in a municipality. In addition, the study demonstrates that using a subsidy scheme for the purchase of electric cars has a positive impact on the number of fully electric cars within a given municipality.

Furthermore in 2016 the guide “Sustainable solar charging” was published. This guide – commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) and drawn up by EVConsult, DDK and Eversheds – explains how the charging of electric cars can be combined with solar energy from solar panels. This guide is intended for businesses, institutions and government agencies.