E-mobility in The Netherlands

The Netherlands accelerates zero emission mobility through its innovative and groundbreaking activities. To achieve zero emission mobility, we work together with a wide and diverse array of partners, locally and worldwide. We consider clean, safe and comfortable mobility as a globally shared ambition. Within this context, we actively bring the brightest minds together to drive the industry forward. We want to inspire people to partner with us and in our joined efforts, we create out-of-the box solutions for current and future mobility challenges.  

Zero emission can only be achieved through a holistic, integrated and coherent approach. This is at the heart of Dutch policies and our public private collaboration approach. We put our zero emission glasses on and look around and forward. What do we need to research to achieve zero emission mobility? What do we need to change, to transform, to restructure, to reform, and to build to achieve our goals?

Parallel to the mobility transition, we consider the energy transition which touches all aspects of life, mobility, industry and business. In our journey, we challenge and support governments and private companies, incumbents and startups, infrastructure, climate and social organizations, think tanks, scientists, students, big and small players in the industry, and last but not least, consumers to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Netherlands has the knowledge, experience and innovative spirit to continue leading the way and take a (giant) leap forward to accelerate zero emission mobility together.

At the Netherlands pavilion, we show our efforts towards zero emission mobility. Feel free to visit us at booth 1412 and join our session in the Dutch Room.