General information and pavilion

The Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS37) takes place in Seoul from April 23 to 26, 2024. EVS is the world’s largest symposium with a trade exhibition on electric transport. Get informed about the latest technological developments and get inspired by the future plans for zero emission mobility. 

More information about EVS37 can be found here. Would you like to visit the symposium and the trade show? There are different types of tickets for sale. Please visit the EVS website for more information and sales.

Dutch pavilion
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) took the initiative – together with various partners – to organize a Dutch pavilion. These parties are: the Ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management and Foreign Affairs and the Dutch embassy in Seoul.

The Director General of Mobility of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Kees van der Burg, is traveling along as mission leader.

Entire value chain
The national pavilion showcases the Dutch approach to zero emission transport. It includes the entire value chain, such as means of transport, energy (transition), infrastructure and mobility services. A number of Dutch companies, knowledge institutions, governments and administrators from the initiating organizations are represented at the pavilion.

This makes the pavilion the meeting place for companies, with fresh coffee for all! You can easily make contact with potential business and knowledge partners who are active in this promising, global growth market. At the pavilion you can also hold networking meetings with your business contacts. 

Delegation overview
This makes the pavilion the meeting place for companies, with fresh coffee for all! You can easily make contact with potential business and knowledge partners who are active in this promising, global growth market. At the pavilion you can also hold networking meetings with your business contacts. A more detailed delegation overview can be found here.

E-mobility in The Netherlands

The Netherlands accelerates zero emission mobility through its innovative and groundbreaking activities. To achieve zero emission mobility, we work together with a wide and diverse array of partners, locally and worldwide. We consider clean, safe and comfortable mobility as a globally shared ambition. Within this context, we actively bring the brightest minds together to drive the industry forward. We want to inspire people to partner with us and in our joined efforts, we create out-of-the box solutions for current and future mobility challenges.  

Zero emission can only be achieved through a holistic, integrated and coherent approach. This is at the heart of Dutch policies and our public private collaboration approach. We put our zero emission glasses on and look around and forward. What do we need to research to achieve zero emission mobility? What do we need to change, to transform, to restructure, to reform, and to build to achieve our goals?

Parallel to the mobility transition, we consider the energy transition which touches all aspects of life, mobility, industry and business. In our journey, we challenge and support governments and private companies, incumbents and startups, infrastructure, climate and social organizations, think tanks, scientists, students, big and small players in the industry, and last but not least, consumers to contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Netherlands has the knowledge, experience and innovative spirit to continue leading the way and take a (giant) leap forward to accelerate zero emission mobility together.

At the Netherlands pavilion, we show our efforts towards zero emission mobility. Feel free to visit us!

Company descriptions


CarbonX supply's cell makers and OEMs globally. Next to supply benefits, our material brings fast charge, cell stability and energy density improvement possibilities incorporating silicon.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Localized, commercial scale production of anode active materials
  • Lower cost than synthetic graphite
  • At a >5X lower carbon foot print during production vs synthetic graphite

A presentation of CarbonX can be found here.


ChargeSim helps EV fleets calculate the right charging infrastructure and utility connection needs for their fleet. The OCPP module allows testing and demonstrating backoffice and smart charging software.

Utility connections and charging infrastructure is often oversized for fleets, delaying projects, and increasing costs. ChargeSim eDepotPlanner lets you test configurations virtually and find the combination of chargers and smart charging which will be most effective for your fleet, cutting costs and accelerating delivery.

ChargeSim eVirtuFleet lets you simulate a fleet and chargers over OCPP to accelerate development, testing, training. and demonstrating backoffice smart charging functions.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Powerful visualisation and animations allow you to understand results quickly.
  • Flexible, comprehensive, simulation engine including battery charge curves, lane parking, smart charging and other parameters to evaluate your operations. 
  • Fleet simulations via OCPP for testing, developing and evaluating smart charging and backoffice tools.


Knowledge and innovation center ElaadNL researches and tests smart and sustainable charging of electric vehicles. ElaadNL is an initiative of the joint Dutch Grid Operators. Due to their mutual involvement in ElaadNL, the network operators are preparing for a future with electric driving and sustainable charging.

We are investigating the expected growth of various forms of electric transport, the associated charging infrastructure and how to integrate this smartly into the power grid.

Unique Selling Points:

Founder of OCPP, Open Charge Point Protocol.

EVRoaming Foundation

The EVRoaming Foundation manages and maintains the OCPI protocol and ensure its free availability. The foundation is not limited to OCPI and can also support other related activities and services.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Specialized working groups facilitating collaboration on topics such as harmonized tariff structure and information exchange
  • Dedicated support for logistics charging
  • Opportunities for contributors to engage in focused discussions and initiatives

FIER Sustainable Mobility

Among our services, we advise companies on strategy and government policies, lead and support projects from concept to completion together with national and international partners, and build new European projects and consortia together with national and international partners.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Frontrunner
  • Open mind
  • Experts
  • Combining research and implementation

Download the presentation of FIER.


Our advanced smart charging solutions backed by our leading cloud-based platform, Greencharge Platform charging managementsoftware, we are ready to disrupt the Korean EV charging market. We intend and vow to build a Korean society where the public opinion on driving an electric vehicle is the standard and where it is as easy and carefree to drive an EV as driving a gasoline car and realize the rEVolution!
Unique Selling Points:

  • Highly reliable and sustainable charging stations.
  • Premium warranty plans on both hardware (components) and electrical installation work service.
  • Full option smart charging infrastructure.
  • Innovative and user friendly charging management platform and fintech services catering to variety of clients.

Hardt Hyperloop

Hardt Hyperloop is a European hyperloop technology company. The company has realized the European Hyperloop Center, a 420-meter long open hyperloop test center to demonstrate all essential hyperloop technologies. The company is backed by a strong consortium of partners and investors, among others the European Commission and POSCO International.  Hardt is working with European regulators to provide a pathway for the commercialization of hyperloop technology in Europe and beyond. The company was founded by the winners of Elon Musk’s first hyperloop competition and currently has a team of 45 FTE.

  • Fully passive infrastructure: Cost-effective and easier to build compared to high-speed rail.
  • Hyperloop technologies: Innovations such as lane-switching crucial for hyperloop network realization.
  • European Hyperloop Center: First of its kind, open for testing and standardization.
  • Stakeholder support: Significant investment from European Commission underscores strategic importance.
  • Regulatory engagement: Proactive approach to shaping future regulatory landscape for hyperloop technology.

Invest in Holland

How international Electric Vehicle (EV) companies can invest in Holland/ Join the Dutch Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem / Accelerate your E-mobility business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), an operational unit of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, supports foreign companies with establishing or expanding their business in the Netherlands.

In particular, we are keen to assist companies that can contribute to finding and developing sustainable, innovative and digital solutions to global challenges. For companies investing in EV technology, the Netherlands provides fertile ground to expand in the European E-mobility ecosystem.

Together with our regional partners in the Invest in Holland network, NFIA provides free, independent and confidential information and services to help make a business case for locating in the Netherlands – from site selection to establishment and expansion processes.

Want to know more about NFIA’s services or start the conversation about doing business in the Netherlands’ EV ecosystem? Meet with the Invest in Holland Electric Vehicle Focus Team at EVS37 to discuss your EV expansion plans or take a look at what our High Tech Systems Ecosystem has to offer! Can't attend? Contact Jay Seo at [email protected], our representative in Korea, or reach out to one of our offices in your own country.

Find more information at Follow us on LinkedIn.

Download additional information of Invest Holland about:

Open Charge Alliance (OCA)

The Open Charge Alliance is an industry alliance which is directed by the OCA board. The OCA board contains five companies which are representing all the OCA members: Shell Recharge, ESB, Total Energies, Pionix GmbH and ElaadNL. 

Within the OCA community working groups are formed, the current working groups are the Technology Working Group (TWG) and the Compliance Working Group (CWG). Within these working groups small task groups are formed to research and work on specific problems, these groups are temporary.

Unique Selling Points:

With our platform, workgroups, task groups and events, you’ll gain valuable insights, connect with peers, and speed up innovation in OCPP implementations. The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is the global standard for EV charging.


Our contribution is to provide new sustainable propulsion technologies for (heavy duty) vehicles, inland shipping and non-road mobile machinery, monitoring technology and methodology for tailpipe and non-tailpipe emissions as well as independent assessments on policy and technology impact.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Independent position
  • Applied research
  • Living Labs
  • Safety assessments
  • Mobility applied research
  • Innovative
  • Open source simulators
  • Circular battery ecosystem

Download additional information of TNO about: