Formula E-Team

The national public-private platform for e-mobility In the Netherlands, the Formula E-Team, serves as an ambassador and pioneer for electric transport. The team brings together business, academia, and government to advance electric driving in the Netherlands. The Formula E-Team discusses progress and provides substantial advice to the government and other stakeholders on various aspects of electric driving. The team inspires these stakeholders to work together to devise creative solutions to problems that arise.

The cornerstones of the Formula E-Team’s agenda are as follows:

  • the strengthening of the consumer market
  • developing the logistics sector and heavy transport
  • improving and broadening the charging infrastructure
  • the connection with sustainably generated energy
  • using the international earning potential of electric transport companies
  • supporting innovation

Furthermore, in the National Agenda for Charging Infrastructure, FET is working on activities that ensure:

  • a charging infrastructure that provides enough charging points throughout the country;
  • shorter delivery times and a future-oriented placement of charging infrastructure;
  • accessible information, such as the location and availability of charging points and charging rates;
  • a future-proof charging infrastructure aimed at smart charging, to prevent the capacity load of the electricity grid as much as possible.