Formula E-Team

The national public-private platform for e-mobility In the Netherlands, the Formula E-Team, serves as an ambassador and pioneer for electric transport. The team brings together business, academia, and government to advance electric driving in the Netherlands. The Formula E-Team discusses progress and provides substantial advice to the government and other stakeholders on various aspects of electric driving. The team inspires these stakeholders to work together to devise creative solutions to problems that arise.

The cornerstones of the Formula E-Team’s agenda are as follows:

  • Stimulate policies for clean vehicles

  • Stimulate development of a basic basic network of charging stations.

  • Stimulate e-mobility in niche markets.

  • Stimulate green growth.

For example The Formula E-Team has advised the national government as it drafts the ‘Autobrief 2.0’ on tax measures related to electromobility. Consistent fiscal policy is one of the Formula E-Team’s central priorities for developing an electric transportation market.

Another priority is the electric kilometres driven by plug-in hybrids. Through its plug-in hybrid steering group, the Formula E-Team is striving to increase the percentage of electric kilometres driven in the Netherlands. Its approach includes the Plug-in Coalition, a group of leading companies that are taking technical and financial measures to reduce the burden on drivers. The group presented the ‘Guide to EV’. The guide contains best practices for employers and car-leasing companies on how to ensure efficient use of PHEVs in company-car schemes. The VNA and the RAI Association, both Formula E-Team members, also signed a mutual declaration. The declaration outlines how car-leasing companies and importers can encourage drivers to log more electric kilometres in PHEVs.